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History of Sendero Whitetail Breeding

In 1876 A.J. & Elizabeth Kirby came to Lampasas County from Bastrop, Texas. They were seeking arable land with water and had purchased one small tract to which they added other land over a period of years. The land was cleared of trees which were used to construct log barns. Rocks were cleared from land to be cultivated. Picket fences reinforced the rock walls placed in washes which kept the fields from losing topsoil in heavy rains. A.J. walked (he had served in the infantry during the Civil War) the land during rainstorms and determined where to place dams and rock walls to stop erosion. Although he was not formally educated he was a practicing conservationist long before the E.P.A. was established. As his family grew so did his interest in obtaining good breeding stock.

After the death of A.J. in 1911, his oldest son Bob ran the farm and ranch operations until his early death in 1915. At that time the youngest son J.C. (Pete), age almost 19, assumed control. All other children had gone, and only J.C. and his mother were left to care for everything. J.C. hated farming but he loved the land and good horses.

He learned at an early age he could keep a U.S. Government stallion and jack and help supply the army with well bred horses and mules. This not only provided cash for himself but enabled other stock farmers in the community to sell suitable mules and horses to the government as well. From this experience J.C. noted 'not all good breeding came only through the sire.' Throughout his life he maintained a line of mares from very old stock. Out of this line came many polo ponies and race horses.

In the mid 1980s Jimmy and Vicki McLean (granddaughter of J.C. and Hattie Lee Kirby) became the owners of this land and now operate it as Triple M Ranch specializing in quality whitetail deer. Changes and improvements have been adapted by them to achieve their goal of producing an outstanding line of whitetail deer. It is interesting to note the changes made by each generation. Improvements continue and although the focus has changed from livestock to polo ponies to whitetail deer the ultimate goal is still quality.

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